Water is an essential element, the origin of all things, the principle that underpins life. And we at Aquanova know this well. This is why we have been working with water for over twenty years, offering the best that can be found on the market. Water is the basis of our modus operandi, our corporate culture and the values it feeds on. With water we have achieved leadership objectives in the Italian panorama, transferring the quality of Made in Italy abroad and aiming at the growth of international markets.


Offering healthy water free from impurities is our goal. Thanks to the experience that has accompanied us for over twenty years we offer our customers the opportunity to choose a clear and pure water. Guaranteeing the best is our mission. Our work is the result of the combination of knowledge, technology and innovation. We are committed to the research and development of technologically advanced ideas to offer water purification systems that are ideal for any type of environment and reality. A whole new way not only of drinking water but of experiencing it! Working with water is what we do best and, in short, what we like best.

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Our Values

At Aquanova we care about 2 main values that we proudly pursue: safeguarding health and protecting the environment.
People matter to us.
This is why we put the needs of our customers at the centre of our work.

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  • Listening: we follow the customer on a path that starts from the choice of purchase and continues to maintenance and after-sales assistance
  • Innovation: we design and manufacture water purification systems in line with customer needs. Our technology is equipped with high-performance, modern and latest-generation water filtration systems , ideal for dispensing different types of water (natural, carbonated, cold, hot or alkaline)
  • Quality: we choose the best materials, 100% safe and certified, robust and resistant. Furthermore, we take care of even the smallest details perfecting the aesthetics of our purification systems with the utmost diligence.
  • Respect: we develop purification systems aimed at ensuring a healthier quality of life. At the same time we help the environment, working towards a definitive farewell to plastic bottles.

Our Objectives

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Transparency and reliability are our strengths.
For years we have been engaged in information and awareness campaigns with the aim of health prevention. We disseminate useful information on the importance of water on our health, a subject very often underestimated and around which unfortunately there are many false beliefs. We provide the knowledge you need to evaluate the actual quality of the water you drink. Don’t hesitate to write to us, we will be happy to give you some simple advice or to answer any uncertainties about your water!
We are also very involved in the recent plasticfree campaigns against plastic, a very dangerous material that is suffocating our planet and poisoning us.

  • We design functional and safe water purification systems for every requirement
  • We guarantee compliance with the quality standards
  • We protect the environment by reducing the use of plastic bottles
  • We prevent health risks, thanks to the use of special filters and membranes that retain all harmful substances and make the water qualitatively clean, healthy and safe
  • We provide commercial and technical assistance able to follow you at at every step

Mission & vision

The development and well-being of our customers’ health are at the heart of our corporate mission. We transform a normal habit, such as that of drinking, into a sensory experience consisting of freshness and purity of taste. A gesture of love for ourselves and for our loved ones.

Aquanova is the Made in Italy of water. Through our Research & Development team we produce state-of-the-art water purification systems.

And thanks to the know-how and twenty years of experience, we respond to all requirements. We cultivate and enhance our work by following a constant process of innovation, translating it into a concrete commitment and transforming a simple and essential product, such as water, into an experience of taste and well-being.

The quality of made in Italy

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Our water purification systems are advanced systems built in compliance with all the Italian and international regulations. Aquanova water purifiers boast the most important quality certifications on the market.
Our goals concern innovation and improvement not only of purification systems but also of research and attention to detail, aiming towards perfection. We design water purification systems, fulfilling an ethical commitment that is very important to us: people’s health and environmental protection.
Aquanova is synonymous with quality, reliability, commitment, listening, efficiency and professionalism. We use the best resources and the best materials on the market to obtain purification systems that deliver healthy and good water.

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