“[...] Nel palmo di una immensa mano
azzurro un tessuto tremante:
la tela interminabile dell’acqua”
(G. Bellini)


Aquanova has long been established in the production of professional water dispensers for catering.. It supplies all commercial activities: from small restaurants to large reception rooms.

We are well aware of the many expenses you are faced with each month for your catering business. And water is certainly one of the main ones. Start cutting unnecessary expenses now with aprofessional water dispenser! Thanks to our rental formula, you can replace thousands of Euro a month with one small, convenient instalment.



You can finally put an end to the annoying management and disposal of bottles.

The water used in the catering sector, a simple and trivial element, certainly too often underestimated, is undoubtedly one of the secret ingredients for providing a successful service and for guaranteeing an excellent result with your business. Not only must the water served at the table be fresh and taste good but the one used in preparation of the food must also have the ability to alter the flavour of the dishes and to make a difference when it is necessary to satisfy the demanding palate of the customer.

The most modern and avant-garde restaurants use the professional water dispenser, not only for the water to be served at the tables, but also for the water used in the kitchens to prepare genuine dishes, with an authentic flavour and free from harmful substances: characteristics made possible only thanks to pure and light water.

A restaurant or any other food distribution business has very high costs. Just think of the quantity of food and drinks that are consumed daily: a restaurant spends thousands and thousands of Euro on the purchase of bottles of water.

A purifier, instead, would amortise these costs and return healthy and pure low-mineral content 0 km water.

Although it is often underestimated, the water used for cooking has a fundamental function: to maintain the form and the authentic flavour of food. The delicacy of the dishes, in fact, depends more than you might think on the type of water used in the kitchens. A light water, purified from any foreign substance such as heavy metals, arsenic, chlorine, pesticides, etc., guarantees a unique flavour of the dishes served, which will have a more genuine taste.


A water dispenser also guarantees environmental protection: for an activity such as catering, the consumption of bottled water is very high. With an Aquanova professional water dispenser you can have still, cold or sparkling water to serve to customers, and it is also perfect water for cooking. The advantage of having a water dispenser inside a restaurant, a bar or, more generally, in a canteen is to avoid the wasting of bottles and to guarantee excellent water quality. The installation of a professional water dispenser means being able to serve healthy and safe water, filtered and purified from any waste. You will also be able to customise the bottles by applying your logo, which will give your restaurant a winning edge.

In addition to being a distinctive touch of class, you will appear to be attentive to the quality of what you offer, proposing pure and healthy 0 km water, as well as being the flag bearer of important topical topics for environmental protection.

We offer a wide range of water dispensers suitable for any professional need, also based on the available quantity of seating that the business offers. All our products are Made in Italy and created with high quality components. Offering the best is our mission.
Buying a professional water dispenser for your business offers a series of considerable advantages, above all at an economic level: in fact, there are numerous costs that a food distribution and sale activity must incur. The purchase of a professional water dispenser undoubtedly allows considerable savings on the annual budget. What’s more, it promotes environmental protection

erogatore acqua


erogatore acqua


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I vantaggi di acquistare un erogatore d’acqua professionale sono notevoli:

  • Risparmio dei costi di stoccaggio;
  • Risparmio sui costi di trasporto e consegna;
  • Salvaguardia dell’ambiente;
  • Erogazione illimitata di acqua da servire e per cucinare;


I nostri erogatori d’acqua professionali sono unici, come unici sono i nostri clienti. Rispondiamo a tutte le esigenze dei nostri consumatori, facendo attenzione ai dettagli dei materiali con cui viene realizzato ogni singolo erogatore d’acqua professionale. Il design è parte fondamentale dei nostri prodotti. I depuratori professionali non sono solo dei semplici erogatori d’acqua, ma veri e propri elegantissimi elementi di arredo. 

Ciascun modello, qualunque sia la sua funzione, è realizzato con materiali di altissima qualità. Lo studio del design si sposa con la funzione pratica dell’erogatore d’acqua professionale.

Affidati ad Aquanova. 


L’acqua è un elemento fondamentale per l’organismo. Bere un’acqua buona e priva di sostanze inquinanti è essenziale per la salute:

  • Combatte i radicali liberi;
  • Previene l’invecchiamento cellulare, degli organi e dei tessuti, tramite una corretta idratazione;
  • Migliora la funzionalità renale;
  • Combatte la cellulite e il ristagno di liquidi e tossine;
  • Accelera il metabolismo;
  • Aiuta a prevenire il rischio di sviluppo di malattie cancerogene

Keep in touch

Tel +39 0331 454922
Via Salvatore Quasimodo, 18 – 20025 Legnano (MI)
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