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GP GROUP is a leading Italian company in the production and sale of AQUANOVA branded domestic and professional water purifiers. Our water purifier offers you healthy, ecological and naturally good water, directly from the tap in your home, guaranteeing you the highest quality and safety.

The water purifier has now become an essential household appliance. Every home should have one, for the good and health of the whole family. Unfortunately, we all know that pollution is the main threat to our health, and it is a phenomenon that we are faced with every day. Water nowadays contains thousands of substances which, ingested day after day, can cause us various health problems. Similarly, with plastic bottles, the situation is not much better.

There is only one solution

A reverse osmosis water purifier is a modern and ecological choice, which provides you with unlimited 0 km water, freshly produced directly in your kitchen. To protect your health and that of your family,and for a world without single-use plastics. Join us in the #plasticfree campaign!

Domestic softeners and products aimed at offices and commercial activities are also created under the AQUANOVA brand.

Water purifier

depuratore acqua ecologico aquanova

Naturally ecological.   

depuratore acqua professionale aquanova

Highly professional.   

depuratore acqua salutare aquanova

Genuinely healthy.

Quality and customers are at the heart of our work. Our daily aim is to create lines of water purifiers that meet a wide variety of needs and provide pure and light water.

Proud of our experience gained over the years, we offer different variants of water purifiers tailored to the needs of our customers, both individuals and companies.


We often take it for granted, but drinking water is the most natural thing we do every day. Yet it is a very important act, full of meaning and importance for our body. It’s time to permanently change old habits and to switch to a modern water purifier, an ecological choice for the well-being and health of your whole family.


depuratore d'acqua sicurezza

Every day we drink and use water to cook and wash fruit and vegetables. Whether it’s tap water or bottled water, it could contain hidden potentially harmful substances, including: bacteria, viruses, pfas, heavy metals, pesticides, disinfectants, arsenic, lead and many other substances. Water purification is a fundamental process to remove all possible and imaginable pollutants through a process called reverse osmosis. With an AQUANOVA water purifier you can drink safely, with complete assurance.


depuratore acqua ecologico

More than 8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year, suffocating the ecosystem and contaminating the fish which then find their way to our tables. Plastic has now become a true invasion, which is why Aquanova is the standard-bearer of the plastic free campaign. Producing, transporting and disposing of plastic bottles are activities that have a negative effect on the environment. We are convinced that every single individual can make a difference: by using a water purifier you have the opportunity to finally stop the thousands of tons of plastic bottles that pollute our planet every year, especially our seas.



Thanks to a domestic water purifier you will have an infinite source of healthy and pure water directly in your kitchen. Having a water purifier at home means saving considerably on space, avoiding plastic or glass bottles piling up in storerooms or cellars. Not to mention the reduced effort when shopping at the supermarket! Cold or hot, natural or sparkling, remineralised or alkaline, we at Aquanova offer you all types of water purifiers, suitable for every need.

Drink healthily. Savings. No more pollution.


Drinking water does not necessarily mean good water to drink, but water whose pollutants are within the limits set by law. So it is absolutely no guarantee of good and light water. We stated that tap water has levels of pollution that are within the limits of the law but, as we unfortunately well know, many regions, year after year, have obtained various exceptions in terms of drinking water. Not to mention the fact that it contains thousands of substances, but only a few dozen have been classified and are therefore controlled. For example, until recently no-one knew what PFAS were. Unfortunately, PFAS are not a new invention. Quite simply people of the municipalities affected by this problem had been drinking heavily polluted water without knowing it, with unpleasant consequences for their health. Only at this point were PFAS “discovered”, then classified and their legal limit decided.

depuratore acqua domestico

But in addition to PFAS and arsenic, in tap water there are also pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals such as arsenic, nitrates, chromium, mercury and other compounds, for example chlorinated solvents, which, being water-soluble, are absorbed by the soil until they reach aquifers . In the long run, all these substances are particularly dangerous for our health, as they are ingested every day from the water we use for cooking. There is only one solution: an AQUANOVA water purifier, through the process of reverse osmosis, filters and disposes of all possible harmful substances, always offering you safe, pure and light mineral water. You no longer need to worry about the thousands of pollutants that may be present in your water today or tomorrow, your water purifier will protect you! Trust the professionals in the sector and order now the water purifier that best suits your needs.

Water filtration systems


The water purifier is a tap water purification system. As we have seen, tap water can contain thousands of substances that are potentially harmful to health. The action of the water purifier is to eliminate these substances through the reverse osmosis process, thanks to which it is possible to obtain pure water, breaking down into very high percentages any foreign or polluting substance such as limestone, chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, dirt physical, bacteria, viruses, etc.

The reverse osmosis process is the most effective and natural water purification system.

The reverse osmosis water purifier has been used for decades in many fields including applications in the medical field for hemodialysis centres, for the production of drugs, for the desalination of seawater, for the chemical and electronic industry and obviously in the food sector.
The heart of the osmosis process are the osmotic membranes consisting of natural polyamide fibres. Thanks to porosity in the order of ten millionths of a millimetre, they separate any foreign substance present from the water.

The water purifier therefore offers you safe and light mineral water, just like the purest and pristine high altitude sources.

Our water purifiers are also designed to provide, on request, an alkaline water supply system. They can in fact be fitted with a post filter which, thanks to a specially designed mixture of calcium and magnesium, is used to raise the pH of the water. Our alkaline water purifier will help you dispose of acidic waste accumulated due to the diet and pollution to which we are constantly exposed, making your cells healthier and promoting their development in an environment with a more balanced pH. It therefore helps to prevent disease and slows down ageing thanks to its very high antioxidant power.
No wonder there are those who define it as an “elixir of life”! Did you ever think water could be so beneficial?


It has been shown that the Hunza, a population living in northern Pakistan, have attracted attention to themselves since the early 1900s. It is a population that, despite having the same genetic stock as neighbouring populations, does not suffer from degenerative diseases.

It has been discovered that it is the physical properties of the water that this population drinks with its antioxidant power that helps to preserve their health for a very long time. We know how important water is, which is why we are very keen to inform our customers about the importance of water quality in our life.

But be careful of the ionisers on the market! Many of these, in fact, do not have an adequate upstream filtration system! This is exactly what makes the difference! There is no point in alkalising or ionising tap water without first having thoroughly cleaned it of all pollutants.


depuratore acqua casa

Softening is a water treatment from the water mains that results in a significant reduction of limescale, acting on the concentration of calcium and magnesium salts. Thanks to the addition of salt, the water will be much softer, thus promoting correct functioning of the appliances throughout the house..

Unlike the water purifier, the softener connects to the water supply of the entire house. In this way we will have softer water, which will allow appliances to work better and last longer, and which will significantly reduce limescale deposits in pipes, showers and sinks. With regard to health however, this water does not become better to drink, its quality does not improve from the point of view of pollutants. The water purifier, instead, installed in the kitchen, retains all foreign substances and always offers you safe, pure and light water, ideal for drinking, cooking and for any other food use. Together they offer a complete solution for entire house water treatment.


It is a water purification system through special activated carbon filters that trap and dispose of the substances dissolved in the water. Microfiltration is a very coarse filtration system: it is able to retain only suspended substances, such as chlorine and chlorinated by-products. It improves the taste of the water slightly but it certainly proves ineffective against virtually all chemicals in the water.

Therefore, parameters such as the fixed residue and nitrates remain unchanged.


Ultrafiltration is another physical separation process. Just like microfiltration, ultrafiltration is also an imprecise method of removing substances, due to the width of the membrane holes. The quality of the water therefore remains significantly lower than that of a reverse osmosis water purifier. For your home, your well-being and the health of your whole family, use a domestic water purifier.

WATER TO DRINK, TO EAT, TO LIVE. Discover our lines of domestic water purifiers

We know that drinking water is an important daily action. We respond to the needs of a consumer seeking a reliable and safe partner able to guarantee a certified product. Removing impurities present in tap water is the strength of the Aquanova domestic and professional water purifiers.


Water that is good for health is pure and light water, completely free from pollutants. This is why we are committed to ensuring your water is healthy, contributing to improved tissue hydration, to draining away of any excess fluids and to keeping the body free from toxins. Our domestic water purifiers allow you to obtain 100% safe and healthy water, ideal for the whole family, from the oldest to the youngest.



Water is not just a product to drink. We also use water every day for cooking. It is a common belief that boiling water is sufficient to purify it, but this is not the case. During boiling, the water reaches temperatures such as to eliminate only germs and bacteria, therefore all possible forms of life. Yet this process, however, increases the concentration of chemicals (which obviously do not die) up to 2 or 3 times the parameters of water at room temperature. Attention! In this way the parameters of potentially dangerous substances such as arsenic, lead or nitrates, even go beyond the potability legislation. Therefore, it is not exactly the best water for putting pasta into, for cooking vegetables or any other food. The action of the water purifier is not only to offer water that is free from impurities, but also to make it light and healthy. Thanks to our water purifier, you can cook tasty and light dishes, without worrying about the content of heavy metals (such as arsenic, nickel, lead, mercury and so on).


As you know, limescale is harmful to household appliances and to plumbing. Not to mention the difficulties it presents in cleaning. Thanks to our line of softeners, you no longer need to worry about it. Using a water softener helps solve the problem and extend the use of household appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers, irons, and so on.



All our water purifiers are built with selected materials of the highest quality. We are a leading company in the sale of water purifiers that cares about the quality of the products: before being put on the market, we carefully check their performance.

In addition to compliance with the Italian and international regulations, we also boast the most important quality certifications. Innovation is one of our greatest strengths and, thanks to the attention to even the smallest of details, we produce water purifiers with an unmistakable design and unique performance.

From design to production, and including after-sales technical assistance, we take care of all phases of the work to offer the customer a 360° experience. With over 20 years of activity, we continue to improve the production of water purifiers, thanks to the technological innovation that accompanies us in the creation of unique and exclusive appliances to better enjoy a new lifestyle.


The consumption of bottled water has exponentially increased the levels of environmental pollution over the years. According to a study conducted by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, presented at the opening of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, “by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the seas”.

Our domestic and professional water purifiers help curb this worrying phenomenon of pollution. The ecological aspect is a very important topic for us. Domestic and professional water purifiers have been battling problems such as sea pollution and the constant expansion of plastic islands for years. Here are some alarming figures.

It is estimated that around 8 million tons of plastic end up in the sea a year, equal to one truckload per minute. 67 million plastic bottles are thrown away every day. Roughly 2 million large and small plastic bottles are bought every 5 minutes. Furthermore, the plastic then transforms into microplastics which alter the flora and fauna of the seas. Fish, for example, end up suffocating or ingesting these plastic microparticles, which will eventually also reach our tables.


Our water purification systems make a real contribution to safeguarding the planet. This is why many families use Aquanova.
Change your habits and experience a new, completely ecological way of drinking water.


La tabella dei valori sottostante indica i livelli medi di sali minerali che un’acqua deve contenere per mantenere il giusto apporto idrico e migliorare il corretto funzionamento dell’organismo. Maggiore è la quantità di sali minerali in essa presenti, maggiore sarà l’effetto depositante negli organi: i sali minerali e le sostanze inorganiche presenti nell’acqua, infatti, favoriscono problemi di salute come calcoli e patologie renali.

Sostanze di scarto e acide necessitano di essere espulse tramite l’acqua. Quella migliore, che favorisce l’eliminazione di tossine e radicali liberi in eccesso, è l’acqua oligominerale, ideale per drenare, depurare, idratare il corpo. 

Da oltre vent’anni lavoriamo con l’acqua e miglioriamo le sue caratteristiche organolettiche, sicuri di offrire un servizio completo a 360°: dalla produzione al post-vendita, siamo in grado di proporre un’offerta personalizzata dagli standard qualitativamente alti e performanti.

Affidati ad Aquanova e scegli il depuratore d’acqua più adatto alle tue esigenze.

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